S08 Ch 24-Rejecting and Redeeming Evil We Experience

Course 1: Deconstruction.

Field Guide #2: Detoxification.

Section #8 – Abuse Survivors Find Resilience and Recovery

SECTION #8 SUMMARY. Those who abuse their power implant guilt, shame, fear, and doubt into those they use to maintain their position and privilege. Those Pawns are often burned out, and continue suffering from anxiety, depression, and grief. Still, many find a road to recovery, and regain their resilience while working through losses, and rediscover beauty in everyday life. They also tend to find ways to resist by learning from their experiences. This all often motivates them to do what they can so that what abusers did to them happens less frequently to others.


  1. How Do Victims of Abuse Reverse Course and Redeem the Evil They have Experienced?
  2. How Do Survivors Endure the Dark and Keep Reaching Toward the Dawn?
  3. How Do Survivors Develop Resilience and Engage in Resistance?

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Chapter 24. How Do Victims of Abuse Reverse Course and Redeem the Evil They have Experienced? A common question from those who’ve suffered traumas of abuse is, “How do I know that I’m healing?” This chapter shares some basics of recovery that contribute to the transformative journey from being a victim to becoming a survivor, using the framework of five core needs and related questions from Kathy Koch’s book, Authentic Hope and Wholeness. Who can I trust? (security). Who am I? (identity). Who loves/wants me? (belonging). Why am I here? (purpose). What can I do well? (competence). These five personal and social aspects of our humanity are often shattered by the guilt and shame, fear and doubts injected into our being by abusers. Films illustrate these principles of navigating between destructive and constructive responses to those five questions, and taking opposite routes toward either forgiveness and reconciliation or vengeance and retribution.

Movie Case Study:

Recovery from Abusive Experiences and “Redeeming” Them

Authentic Hope and Wholeness, Babe,

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


Babe (1995; rated G). IMDB main page and content advisory.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013; rated PG-13 for “some intense sequences of violence and disturbing images, sexual content and brief strong language”). IMDB main page and content advisory.


Authentic Hope and Wholeness: 5 Questions That Will Change Your Life, by Kathy Koch (2005, Moody Publishers). [Not shown.]

5 Core Needs.

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Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela, by Nelson Mandela (1995, Back Bay Books).

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